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“Not only THE funniest indie in years, “The Selling” is also one of the best horror coms…pretty much ever.” – Nerd City

“…if you’re in the market for some lighthearted and spooky laughs… this is your hot ticket!” – Dread Central

“…great concept and is very well written and acted… Diani does a tremendous job as the hapless Richard Scarry…” –

“Looking for a good place to laugh till you drop? THE SELLING is the right place for you. Proves to be a laugh out loud success.” – Ain’t It Cool News

“…terrific sketch comedy acting from an ensemble radiating chemistry…” – Filmmaker Magazine

“THE SELLING is full of spooks and supsense – but, more than anything else, comedy. Echoes such classic horror/comedies as ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN or the Three Stooges ‘We Want Our Mummy’ short.” – Fangoria

“This movie is like Halloween. Not HALLOWEEN the franchise but Halloween the holiday put on film.” – The Huffington Post

“It’s perhaps the greatest horror-comedy since Shaun of the Dead.” – Disturbing Films

“A fantastic cast, a good sense of humor, and fun direction make this one of the better horror/comedy in the past decade…” – We Got This Covered

“(FIVE STARS) … a genuinely funny and intelligently written horror comedy with a nice amount of suspense.” – Film Balaya

“…one of the funniest films of the year.” – Film Threat


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